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Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Machine Series CMA2130C-DF-A

Laser power(w)


Han's Yueming laser cutting machine for textile fabrics adopts asynchronous laser cutting system with double beams, and reasonably allocates two laser heads for mixed cutting in the same cutting width; automatic electronic oiling and lubrication system, maintenance-free, can ensure continuous 24-hour equipment Uninterrupted production operation; suitable for laser cutting of any flexible material, such as sofa fabric laser cutting, clothing fabric laser cutting.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

  • 01

    Reinforced welding body processed by the large gantry precision milling. Heat treatment technigne such as tempering, vibration aging adopted on key parts to ensure machine long term stability and accuracy;

  • 02

    Synchronized rack & pinion system, max positioning speed 60m/min;

  • 03

    Dual-beam asynchronous laser cutting system: two laser heads working separately, achieve optimal cutting path allocation, effectively improving work efficiency and saving materials;

  • 04

    High rigidity enhanced aviation aluminum gantry, improve the gantry strength and rigidity and much lighter;

  • 05

    Automatic lubrication: the lubrication time period can be set in the software, to ensure the accuracy of transmission system;

  • 06

    It is suitable for majority of fabrics materials.


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model CMA2130C-DF-A CMA1825C-DF-B
Working area (mm) 3000×2100 2500×1800
Overall dimension(mm) 6050×3050×1260 5590×2980×1180
Laser power(W) 130/250/350/550 130/250/350/550
Positioning accuracy(mm)
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm)
Speed(m/min) 0~60 0~60
Weight (Kg) 4500 3000
Gross power(kW)
Supply voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Working environment Temp:5~40°C Humidity:80% Clean,less dust Temp:5~40°C Humidity:80% Clean,less dust


Clothing, airbag, leather, sofa, carpet , curtain, etc.


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