car safety parts

Airbag: airbag cutting, airbag weakening, airbag gluing, airbag scribing

Steering wheel: The steering wheel is thickened, and the steering wheel heating circuit is cut

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Car interior and exterior

Car sunroof ITO etching

Dashboard backlit keys peeling paint

Automotive injection parts marking, injection parts cutting

Car interior and exterior trim cutting (3D, 2D), lamp stripping paint, interior leather punching

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car control unit

PCBA: PCB laser coding, laser wire soldering, solder paste soldering

PCB/FPC: FPC welding, FPCB laser cutting

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car drive unit

Motor: HAIRPIN stripping insulation, stator general bearing HARPIN welding, stator assembly, silicon steel sheet laser cutting

Battery: BUSBAR bus bar strip insulation, battery welding, battery cover welding

Tire: Tire QR code laser marking, tire inner wall cleaning

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  • car safety parts
  • Car interior and exterior
  • car control unit
  • car drive unit

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IMF-B-A Fiber Laser Marking Machine

HyRobot W20 Robot Fiber Laser Welding machine

HyRobot C20 3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

HCM3015C-DF-A Auto Airbag Double-head Asynchronous Laser Cutting Machine Series

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