Electronic Chips and Circuits

Cover Film Precision Laser Cutting

FPC/PCB and other soft and hard boards laser sub-board

PI film, LEP laser fine cutting

Camera module laser marking and punching

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Non-metal/metal precision machining

Sapphire glass screen laser cutting

Camera protection lens laser cutting

NFC magnetic film laser cutting

Battery tab copper foil laser cutting

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High-end electronic product appearance LOGO logo

Charger, mobile phone accessories laser marking

Camera module chip laser degumming

Derusting, decontamination, paint removal and glue removal of metal materials

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5G application/automation marking

Marking and welding of electronic components

Camera protection lens laser cutting

Precision Screw QR Code Laser Marking

FPC flexible circuit board laser cutting

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Precision welding

Mobile phone shrapnel laser welding

Stainless steel nut laser welding

Electronic chip laser welding

Camera module laser welding

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  • Electronic Chips and Circuits
  • Non-metal/metal precision machining
  • Marking/Oxide
  • 5G application/automation marking
  • Precision welding

Application video

Dual-vision Laser Marking Machine MF-V-A

Fiber Laser Marking Machine IMF-B-A

FPC Cutting Machine MS0404-V-B

Laser Cutting Machine Series MS0305-V-A

Label Laser Marking Machine Series FC300-B-A

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