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Industry Solutions

Focusing on laser application research for 20 years, taking close to industry application scenarios and needs as the basis for product development, providing customers with industry-specific laser application complete sets of industry solutions

  • 3C electronics
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Metal processing
  • Home furniture
  • Closing and shoes
  • Advertising signs

Customer Service

Pre-sale and after-sale full support Domestic and international global services

  • Service guarantee
  • Service outlets
  • Software download
  • Anti-counterfeiting barcode check


  • 7*16 hours online service
  • one to one professional pre-sales consultation
  • Free product workpiece sample making
  • 100% equipment optimal type (100% professional plan formulation)


  • 50+ service branches
  • 7*24 hours mission must be reached
  • 100% after-sale telephone return visit
  • Set up the general manager compliant line
  • Life time free machine training
  • 100% genuine original parts

Service outlets

Han's Yueming Laser Group has established a marketing and service network covering 32 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and more than 100 countries and regions around the world, providing customers with research and development plan consultation, manufacturing process exchange, equipment installation and commissioning, etc. Timely, fast and efficient pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.

  • Shen Zhen Office
  • Guang Fo Office
  • Quan Zhou Office
  • Pu Tian Office
  • Hang Zhou Office
  • Tai Zhou Office
  • Ning Bo Office
  • Yi Wu Office
  • Su Zhou Office
  • Wu Xi Office
  • More >

Download Center

Update the device software system to the latest version

Anti-counterfeiting barcode check

Identify the authenticity of the equipment and query the product warranty period

Quality assurance

Meticulous quality monitoring throughout the process, scientific detail management throughout the process

  • Incoming quality inspection
  • Process quality control
  • Final inspection quality control

Incoming quality inspection

All materials and components are purchased in accordance with national and industry-related quality standards and product specifications.

  • Select high-quality suppliers
  • 100% incoming inspection
  • 100% of waste is eliminated

Process quality control

Standardize material use standards, personnel operation standards, and product acceptance standards, and standardize and streamline process quality control.

  • 100% qualified raw materials
  • Standardized implementation work
  • Implement 5S management system
  • Manufacturing Unit Compliance Calibration

Final inspection quality control

Carry out comprehensive quality inspection and control of product function, performance, appearance, packaging and other links, and unqualified products will not be put into storage and will not leave the factory.

  • Comprehensive warehousing inspection
  • 100% qualified warehousing
  • Product traceability code
  • Outbound secondary quality inspection


Win-win with excellent technical partners and common prosperity with internationally renowned customers

  • Partner
  • Cooperative supplier
  • Partner institutions

Yueming’s strength

Adhere to the business philosophy of "winning the market with advanced technology, and repaying users with high-quality service", and drive the industry forward with the attitude of the forerunner

  • R & D and production base
  • Production testing equipment
  • Patent
  • Awards
  • Trademarks
R & D and production base

Annual production and sales capacity exceeds 10,000 units (sets)

High-end equipment

Benchmarking the international advanced manufacturing level

Technology patent

R & D strength synchronized with the world

Major awards

High gold content, a number of important national awards

Trademark registration

Escort for a full range of brands


Concentration achieves professionalism, quality creates brand

  • Company news
  • Exhibition information
  • Industry information

Han’s Yueming Laser Group CO., Ltd.

GD Han’s Yueming Laser Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. The company is headquartered in Dongguan Songshan Lake National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, a high-end high-end high-tech enterprise in China. It has five locations in Dongguan, Shanghai, Xuzhou, Suzhou and Hong Kong. A modern R&D and manufacturing base with a total area of 110,000 square meters.

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