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Automobile Airbag Galvanometer Laser Cutting Machine Series FCA2400-T-A

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Han's Yueming Laser Car Airbag Galvo Laser Cutting Machine adopts high-energy state non-contact processing, which does not require consumables such as knives and molds. Greatly improve the format and work efficiency of laser cutting of automobile airbags; the multi-head flying laser cutting system can realize large-format printing and cutting of infinitely long graphics.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

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    Using high-energy non-contact processing, compared with traditional consumables such as knife and mold;

  • 02

    Digital control technology can edit and process graphics arbitrarily according to user needs;

  • 03

    Using multiple sets of imported laser and high-speed galvanometer combination, greatly improving the processing area and work efficiency;

  • 04

    Equipped with automatic unwinding and correction system, the feeding accuracy is higher and more smooth;

  • 05

    Imported servo motor precision feeding system to ensure stable and accurate feeding speed;

  • 06

    Multi-head flying laser cutting system, which can realize large-format printing and cutting of unlimited length graphics;

  • 07

    Professional customized mesh belt conveyor system, large format conveying is stable and high precision;

  • 08

    Configure automatic typesetting system to make processing more economical;


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model FCA2400-T-A
Working area (mm) 2400*∞
Overall dimension(mm) 5200×5800×2700
Laser power(W) 350/600/1000/2000
Positioning accuracy(mm)
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.5
Speed(m/min) 20
Maximum accelerated speed
Gross power(kW) 30/50/80/120
Weight(kg) 6000
Supply voltage 380/50Hz
Working environment Temp: 20~35°C Humidity:≤80% Clean


Cutting of flexible composite materials for automobile safety airbags.


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