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Asynchronous Cutting Machine Series CMA1814C-DFVET-B

Laser power(w)


Han's Yueming Laser Asynchronous Laser Cutting Machine adopts a double beam asynchronous cutting system, two sets of beams can independently process different graphics at the same time, and the processing efficiency is higher; it is mainly used for the cutting of flexible fabrics such as cloth, wool, leather, etc., classic application - swimwear Laser cutting machine, sportswear laser cutting, etc.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

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    Double crossbeams asynchronous cutting system can be installed with single crossbeam with single head or single crossbeam with twin heads. So the laser cutting machine has the double crossbeams with two heads or four heads;

  • 02

    The double crossbeams work independently to process the different patterns, more efficient;

  • 03

    The motion system adopts multiple sets of step motors with high inertia and torque to ensure high-speed and high-precision operation;

  • 04

    Rigid square tube welding body with sheet metal housing to ensure smooth operation;

  • 05

    Y type or E type conveyor is optional for the auto-feeding system, stable feeding and easy to maintain;

  • 06

    The rail motion system is independently developed by YUEMING, light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance;

  • 07

    Optional: professional large format vision cutting software, with graphic nesting and sharp angle smoothing function, can achieve automatic outline extraction, feature positioning and other positioning methods, also multi-template, multi-feature and other vision cutting functions.


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Working area (mm) 1750×1150 1600×1000
Overall dimension(mm) 2205×2500×1950 2330×2190×1900
Laser power(W) 80~130 80~130
Positioning accuracy(mm)
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm)
Speed(m/min) 0-20 0-20
Supply voltage 220-240V,50/60Hz 900
Gross power(kW) 7600-9700 7600-9700
Weight(kg) 950 220-240V,50/60Hz
Working environment Temp:5~40°C Humidity:5~80% Clean,less dust Temp:5~40°C Humidity:5~80% Clean,less dust


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