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Double Heads Asynchronous Cutting Machine Series CMA1606C-DF-FA

Laser power(w)


Han's Yueming Laser Double-head Asynchronous Laser Cutting Machine, the self-developed SmartCarve software, supports two laser heads to cut different graphics at the same time, improving production efficiency; it can realize projection typesetting and material receiving, and projection display in the processing area and material receiving area at the same time Different sizes, parts and left and right feet, with convenient typesetting and receiving functions; classic applications - laser cutting of leather shoes, laser cutting of sports shoes, etc.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

  • 01

    Asynchronous double heads cutting system: Installed self-developed SmartCarve software; the double heads could cut different patterns asynchronously, and the software could assign the nested job to each head to achieve high efficiency;

  • 02

    Large format vision cutting system: support printed material contour extraction, support maximum 9 different templates matching and processing;

  • 03

    Projection function: nesting and collecting by projection, the projected image shows different sizes, different components, left & right patterns .It has convenient nesting and collection function;

  • 04

    Auto-nesting software: The nesting system could nesting in high utilization rate in a short time. The advantages of automatic typesetting can support automatic nesting to double as a unit, also support one foot of row material, mixing, scrap cutter;

  • 05

    Fully enclosed laser path design, comply with CE safety certification.


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model CMA1606C-DF-FA CMA1612C-DF-FA
Working area (mm) 1550x550 1550x1150
Overall dimension(mm) 2400x2115x1910 2780x2905x2065
Laser power(W) 130 130
Positioning accuracy(mm)
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm)
Speed(m/min) 0~18 0~18
Weight (Kg) 850 1200
Gross power(kW)
Supply voltage AC220±5% 380V,50/60Hz AC220±5% 380V,50/60Hz
Working environment Temp:5~40°C Humidity:5~80% Clean,less dust Temp:5~40°C Humidity:5~80% Clean,less dust


Mesh, suede, synthetic leather, linen, non-wovens, chemical fiber and so on.


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