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Auto-Feeding Laser Cutting Machine Series CMH1610C-FT-A

Laser power(w)


Han's Yueming laser automatic feeding laser cutting machine can be equipped with electric double-head mutual movement, which can realize automatic split-head processing; automatic feeding system, automatic control and adjustment of spacing between dual laser heads, and traditional multi-head manual adjustment of the spacing of the laser equipment Compared with this, it greatly saves labor and machine adjustment time; it has its own array type nesting cutting system; it is mainly used for laser cutting of various clothing fabrics, textile fabrics, etc.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

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    Electric heads(Two) as optional for separate and independent working.

  • 02

    CCD camera , pen, large-format vision system and projecting functions areoptional for better cutting experience.

  • 03

    Epsilon type of conveyor as standard , other type conveyor as optional .

  • 04

    For the epsilon type of conveyor, the front&back presser, as an optional device, can be applied together to ensure the cutting accuracy. Multiple-layer of material feeding is available.

  • 05

    Auto-feeding and unloading system, the two laser heads distance adjust automatically, save time;

  • 06

    Nesting software is optional, support mixed nesting, edge-sharing cutting, save material;

  • 07

    Laser head distance can be adjusted automatically, depending on the nesting result.


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model CMH1810C-FT-A CMH1610C-FT-A
Working area (mm) 1750×1000 1480×1000
Overall dimension(mm) 2410×2110×1150 2210×2120×1150
Laser power(W) 60~130 60~130
Positioning accuracy(mm)
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm)
Speed(m/min) 0~18 0~18
Weight (Kg) 950 850
Supply voltage AC220V±10% AC220V±10%
Working environment Temp:5~40°C Humidity:5~80% Clean,less dust Temp:5~40°C Humidity:5~80% Clean,less dust


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