Large Format Seamless Splice Laser Fly Marking Series MC-DF-A

Laser power(w)

350 / 600

Han's Yueming Laser Large Format Flying Laser Printing Machine, the control system realizes 1800mm*infinite length large format flying tracking laser printing through the control of the laser light output, the trajectory of the scanning head movement pattern and the calculation of the movement speed of the conveyor line; modular design The automatic rewinding and unwinding system of the machine, the entire processing process only needs to be supervised by the operator, realizing the idea of Industry 4.0 of one person and multiple machines; the classic application - denim printing.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

  • 01

    During the conveyor movement, the control system will control the laser head , camera scanning and conveyor speed to achieve 1800 mm X unlimited length large format fly laser marking;

  • 02

    Automatic feeding and adjusting/correction Function: Modular design of automatic feeding and adjusting/correction, only need one operator to watch the whole process. One person can operate multi-machines, greatly improve the product processing efficiency;

  • 03

    Correcting Deviation System: In the process of automatic feeding, correct the deviation of the material during the movement, and realize the precise graphic joining;

  • 04

    Metering Function: After marking, the meter can accurately calculate the length of the entire processed material, effectively reducing the waste;

  • 05

    Conveyor: Adsorption structure conveyor composed of stainless steel chains, adsorption force is large and the operation is stable


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model MC-DF-A
Laser power(W) 350 / 600
Working area(mm) 1400-1800X无限长
Overall dimension(mm) 7200 × 4000 × 3250
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm)
Minimum line width(mm)
Minimum character(mm)
Graphic format supported
Speed(mm/s) 0~30
Weight(kg) 1800
Working environment Temp:20~35°C Humidity:5~80% Clean,less dust
Supply voltage 380V ,50HZ


All kinds of textile fabrics,leather,PU,PVC materials.


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