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Fiber Laser Welding Machine WFC-A

Laser power(w)


Han's Yueming Laser Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine, the welding head structure frame can be freely selected to fully meet the different requirements of customers' cost and site; the fixture can be customized, separable and graftable, and can be quickly connected with the customer's production line; Non-contact long-distance welding can be performed for the parts that are difficult to access by traditional welding; it is suitable for laser welding of various metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, and aluminum alloy sheet.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

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    Welding head frame is available for customization to comply with budgets and production site;

  • 02

    Jig can be customized, separated, grafted, and fast docked with the customer`s production line;

  • 03

    Adopts industrial computer for simple and reliable operation;

  • 04

    Wobble welding head is used to make multiple optic paths;

  • 05

    Low operation cost, less consumable materials, simple daily maintenance with less cost;

  • 06

    Can do the contactless remote welding, much easier than traditional welding method;

  • 07

    Applicable to materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum alloy plate and other metals.


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model WFC-A
Laser power(W) 1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/6000
Laser wave length(nm) 1070
Fiber diameter(μm) 50、100
Cooling method Water Cooling
Maximum single-point energy
Overall dimension(mm) 425*970*168
Weight (Kg) 100
Total power 1.5
Supply voltage 220VAC±10%;50/60Hz
Working environment (Storage temp): -20°C~60°C;(Humidity): <70% (Working temp): 10°C~35°C;(Humidity): <70%
Gross power(w)
Fiber length 10、15 m


Mainly used for welding of various metal sheets of the same material or mixed materials,such as aluminum, iron, stainless and copper sheets etc


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