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Fiber Laser Cutter with Shuttle Tables CMO1530-H-B

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Han's Yueming laser platform interactive fiber laser cutting machine, the machine tool adopts imported large-scale gantry equipment for precision machining, ensuring the geometric accuracy within 0.03mm, stable and not easy to deform; equipped with bus control system, super anti-interference ability and superior stability . Classic applications such as brass laser cutting, aluminum alloy laser cutting, etc.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

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    Gantry double rack & pinion, double servo motor drive system, MHMD with great torque, 1G acceleration to ensure higher production efficiency;

  • 02

    Strong welded frame body, ensure long term running stability;Autofocus head, piercing time 80% less than manual method, especially for thick metal sheet;

  • 03

    It has the detection functions, such as: automatic diagnosis, fault isolation, fault analysis and data display, fast troubleshooting , can effectively reduce maintenance costs;

  • 04

    Professional nesting software, highly compatible with cutting system, automatic edge searching and sharp corner smoothing functions, can achieve high-speed piercing and fast array scanning cutting functions;

  • 05

    EtherCAT control system helps to achieve strong antiinterference ability and long term running stability.


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model CMO1530-H-B
Laser power(W) 1000~3000
Working area(mm) 1500×3000
Overall dimension(mm) 8100×2500×1800
Positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.03/1000
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.02/1000
Speed(m/min) 100
Maximum accelerated speed
Weight(kg) 6500
Gross power(kW) 10
Supply voltage 380V/50Hz/60Hz
Working environment Temp:0~ 45°C Humidity:≤80% Clean


Metal materials such as Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, Galvanize sheet, Brass, Red copper etc.


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