Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Auto-loading System PCH60022-A

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Han's Yueming Laser automatic feeding fiber laser pipe cutting machine, the structure design is simple and stable, and can hold rectangular pipes, round pipes, elliptical pipes, triangular pipes, polygonal pipes, I-beams and channel steels and other profiles; , punching, sharp corner processing and other aspects have unique functions and cutting effects. Classic applications - laser cutting of stainless steel tubes, laser cutting of small tubes, laser cutting of square tubes, etc.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

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    Mchine tool: large gantry milling, 600℃ heat treatment , 24 hours cooling inside the furnace to ensure the steel welded joint stress relief, then guarantee the machine tool long term accuracy and stability;

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    Support offset tube center error in production to improve through holes cutting precision. Besides standard tube like square and round tube, TubePro also supports profiles and free form tube production of U/L/H/T channels, Obround, oval and polygon etc.

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    The equipment enjoy power failure memory; retreat cutting; automatic fault alarm and emergency stop; fault info autodisplay;

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    Software can help to Auto Find Tube Center in Production, and enjoy Active Control at Corner Cutting.


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model PCH60022-A
Laser power(W) 2000-6000
Working area(mm)
Overall dimension(mm) 12000×2200×2300
Positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.03/1000
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm)
Speed(m/min) 120rpm/min
Maximum accelerated speed 1.2G
Claw clamping weight(kg)
Pipe diameter range(mm) φ10-φ120,φ20-φ220
Maximum duct length 6000
Gross power(kW) 12
Weight(kg) 6500
Supply voltage 380V/50Hz/60Hz
Working environment Temp:0~45°C Humidity:≤80% Clean


Apply to various pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, flat pipe, U-shaped pipe, channel steel, and other steel profile


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