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Yueming Laser Group Diversified Empowerment 2020 Shanghai International Advertising Sign Exhibition

2020-09-19 author : 大族粤铭

  On September 19, 2020, the "Oscar" annual event of the global advertising sign industry - the 20th Shanghai International Advertising Sign Exhibition ended successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Yueming Laser Group and its subsidiary, Shanghai Han's Vitality Laser Technology Co., Ltd., participated in the exhibition, showing the laser application solutions, intelligent equipment technology, innovative application technology and exquisite sample production in the advertising industry in an all-round and multi-angle manner. Let the merchants who come to the exhibition feel the 20-year-old boutique charm and corporate strength of Yueming Laser Group at close range.



  Diversified empowerment, product upgrade

  Excellent products come with their own advertisements. During the exhibition, many new and old customers came one after another. Yueming Laser Group's metal laser cutting machines, non-metallic laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines and other advertising industries have a full range of products. It made its debut and won unanimous praise from the audience. The excellent quality ignited the great enthusiasm of people in the advertising and sign industry. There was an endless stream of customers who came to consult and negotiate on the spot. Popularity continues to explode.





  After 20 years of sharpening a sword, Yueming Laser Group focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of various industrial laser equipment. In the past 20 years, it has accumulated a lot of patented technology, process experience and professional equipment in the advertising sign industry, effectively helping customers solve The technological problems at the production site bring innovative value to the industrial upgrading of the advertising sign industry. At the same time, Yueming Laser Group conforms to the development of the times, closely follows the development and changes of the domestic and foreign advertising industry markets, constantly explores the needs of potential customers, and constantly innovates in intelligent laser equipment, and strives to meet the constantly improving domestic and foreign customers with "Yueming quality". product demand.





  Yan Zhi anchor, live online

  Looking back at the Shanghai International Advertising Sign Exhibition that has participated in the past years, Yueming Laser Group has continuous innovation every year, as well as high-quality inheritance that has been adhered to for 20 years. This way of mutual integration makes more people remember Yueming Laser Group's The brand has also witnessed the corporate strength of Yueming Laser Group! In addition to a series of innovative hard-core products, in this exhibition, Yueming Laser Group also fully launched the online "live broadcast with goods" marketing model on the basis of offline participation. .



  Live broadcast of the exhibition



  Yueming Laser Group Headquarters Live Room

  The live broadcast of the grand exhibition, the professional explanation of the laser process and equipment performance of Yueming Laser Group, and the live broadcast of the sales engineers of the International Trade Department turned into live broadcast experts, presenting a live broadcast for foreign customers who were affected by the epidemic and could not come to the scene. Live the feast.

 Group channel sales brand, "Han's Vitality" is looking for agents

  During the exhibition, the channel sales brand of Yueming Laser Group - "Shanghai Han's Vitality Laser Technology Co., Ltd." simultaneously conducted an online channel investment live broadcast, and held an on-site licensing ceremony for the first batch of excellent agents. awarded. The "Shanghai Vigor" brand under Yueming Laser Group adopts the channel sales model of agents joining, relying on the quality management system and perfect after-sales service network of Yueming Laser Group, and is committed to creating functional professional, high-quality products for customers in the advertising and sign industry across the country. High-quality, stable performance and affordable professional laser equipment supply and service platform.



  Why did you choose to represent the products of Han’s Vitality Laser? At the awarding ceremony, Mr. Zhang, the Beijing agent, expressed his thoughts. He said: “Yueming Laser Group is a professional enterprise that has been working hard in the advertising sign industry for 20 years. Years of development history, product functions are professional, high quality, stable performance, affordable price, nearly 50 after-sales service workstations all over the country can provide terminal buyers with safe, professional, fast and preferential service support and guarantee, with a good market. At the same time, in the process of communicating with the terminal buyers, I learned that they have always used better laser equipment, so I chose the channel sales brand of Yueming Laser Group - "Shanghai Han's Vitality" brand."




 Mr. Liu Feng, the channel sales director of Yueming Laser Group, said in his awarding speech: "Thank you to the first batch of partners who chose Han's Vitality Laser, we will do a good job of backing up all the agents, the market potential is huge, we have great responsibilities, and each other Trust, join forces, and create more brilliance.”



  Han's Vitality Laser is looking for equipment agents in the advertising and sign industry in various prefecture-level cities to join

  Hotline: 139 2587 2300

  The golden autumn and September is the harvest season. Yueming Laser Group's sword was unsheathed, showing professional standards and presenting a "gluttonous feast" in the advertising logo industry. Although the exhibition is over, the excitement has never closed. In this Shanghai International Advertising Sign Exhibition, Yueming Laser Group reached cooperation with many new customers, and also had deeper exchanges with many old customers. The exhibition ended and the story started. The wonderful cooperation between Yueming Laser Group and you has continued.

  Following the Shanghai International Advertising Sign Exhibition, Yueming Laser Group will dress up to attend the "2020 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition". At that time, we sincerely invite you to come and guide.

  2020 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

  Booth No.: 1.1-D30

  Exhibition time: October 10-13, 2020

  Venue: Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex

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