Label Laser Marking Machine Series FC300-B-A

Laser power(w)


Han's Yueming Laser Roll-to-Roll Label Laser Marking Machine, roll-to-roll automatic loading and unloading, automatic alarm for full and lack of materials, no accumulated error during long-term operation, and realizes automatic processing of products; supports two-dimensional codes, pictures, characters, etc. Various content marking; mainly used for label laser marking, most plastics and stainless steel, aluminum foil, steel strip, reflective materials, PET, film products, and other flexible film materials laser marking.

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Integrate multi-function into one , create more value for customer 

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    Roll to roll automatic loading and unloading, full or short of material automatic alarm, marking speed adjustable, long time running process without accumulated errors, automatic processing products.

  • 02

    Vision positioning process and sensor positioning process are optional without affecting the efficiency, marking accuracy can be improved to ±0.1mm.

  • 03

    The imported core components are optional, excellent performance, stable quality, long service life.

  • 04

    It adopts integrated design. Integrating machine hardware, control system and working platform, small footprint, and the whole machine is easy to operate.

  • 05

    Independently developed marking control software, powerful, friendly interface, simple and fast operation, easy to learn and use.

  • 06

    Strong compatibility: Support DXF, PLT vector and image format; Support dot matrix fonts and TTF fonts as well as self-developed fonts; Support twodimensional code, pictures, characters and other content marking; Support a variety of galvo head correction; Greatly meet different levels of customer needs.

  • 07

    Multiple laser source optional: Support UV, fiber and CO2 laser source, suitable for metal, PE, cloth and other materials processing


Optimization and innovation, make product faster, more stable and more assured.

Model FC300-B-A
Laser power(W) 20-50(Fiber)/3-5(UV)/30(CO2)
Working area(mm) 10-300
Overall dimension(mm) 1450x770x1600
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm)
Minimum line width(mm)
Minimum character(mm)
Graphic format supported
Speed(mm/s) 0-7000
Weight(kg) 300
Working environment Temp:10~30°C Humidity:5~85% Clean,less dust
电源 Ac220V/10A±5%
总功率(Kw) 2


Plastics,Stainless steel,and other metal materials surface marking.


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